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Trust and integrity are essential commodities in public affairs representation. Clients need a representative they can be confident will communicate their concerns accurately and with passion and dignity. Members of Congress and their staff demand accurate and well-supported information.  MSP, LLC specializes in helping clients articulate their needs and conveying them to policymakers.  We take a personal interest in our clients’ needs and ensure that they are conveyed with the intensity and clarity needed to achieve successful results.



MSP, LLC and our network of partners have a wealth of experience to bring our clients success. Our professionals have worked with the House of Representatives, Senate and Executive branch extensively. We know the terrain of Washington, pulse of the institutions and how craft effective messages.


Our highly seasoned team has experience in all areas of the legislative and regulatory arena, from crafting policy language and securing federal funding to coordinating outreach to regulatory agencies and monitoring legislation. Successful Washington advocacy requires more than merely arranging meetings. It is delivering the right message to the right decision maker at the right time.


MSP, LLC believes intensity of effort achieves excellent outcomes. We ensure that each client receives thoughtful and dedicated attention. We intentionally limit the number of clients in any given year to ensure that all receive the focus and intensity they deserve. Moreover, we strive to deliver results seeking to make progress every day until the clients’ goal has been achieved. While we value the opportunity to provide long-term representation, our policy is to ensure that every client objective, short-term or long-term, is accomplished with the greatest degree of efficiency.

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